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Getting Started:

  • The Client Notification Setup and Editing Brief form is the key form in this service.
  • This form is the one that sets up your client's account on the system so that your client is notified of the progress of their photos.
  • In addition to this, this form also outlines the editing brief for the editors to ensure your vision for your client's photos is carried out.
  • Whether you have your own editors or you are using our internal team. This form is a must.
  • The 2 forms below are then only relevant pending your editor choice in STEP 1.

Internal Review (Our Internal Editing Team):

  • Selecting to use our internal editors for editing your photos is ultimately the easiest and the best process for your client and yourself. 
  • Therefore once your client's photos are ready to be reviewed and approved by yourself, we'll send you an email to let you know to log back into this portal to review/approve via the "Internal Review / Approve form."
  • If you approve the edits, perfect. Simply complete the Internal Review Form accordingly and we'll then notify your client that it's time for them to log in and review/approve their photos.

Client Review Form (Using your editor):

  • We're also mindful that you may have an editor of your own OR you may wish to edit them yourself. However, you still want your client to have ease of review and being kept updated with the progress of their photos.
  • So if you've selected to use your own editor via the STEP 1 form, then once this form is submitted, we'll have sent you editor the brief along with a link to the photos.
  • Once your editor has completed the edit and uploaded it to the folder we have provided them, you'll then be notified to log back in and complete the Client Review Form.
  • This form once completed and approved will notify your client that it's their turn to log into the Client Portal to review/approve their photos.
  • Note: if you have edit changes, when using your own editor, your communication with them will be externally done via emails or phone as the system doesn't support communication via external editors, it only supports communication with our internal team.

Simple and straight forward.

Start with 'STEP 1' below, this form must be filled out everytime as it then whether you're using our editors or you have your own when to come back to process either form below (we will let you know when to log back in).